Deep Rest

by Deep Rest

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released June 30, 2017



all rights reserved


Deep Rest Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Gehenna
Selfishness claim victims of two kinds
And destruction leads to more destruction
We are the apex that's killing ourselves
Desperate times calls for desperate measures
But we're killing ourselves
This is mankind's genocide
I never had any faith in man
No hope
Empty promises
Once pure turn into a snake
My enemy
Darkness suit you so perfectly
What if this is what we need
To start all over with a clean
Replace us
Replace me
With what were supposed to be
Track Name: XLII
As a depressed being
I'll suffer
Things will never change
So I'll suffer
Its more then you think
Its more then I think
Is it the disease or is it me?
I never had any faith in my whole life
Things will never change
When will this end?
Cause I want more
Track Name: A Mother's Nature
You're getting older
And it scares me
Everyday that's spent is one last here
Needless to say that I love you so
But death just doesn't register the same.
I wish you no pain
I wish you leave here with a smile on your face
Unafraid unlike me
Unlike me
There is a deadline before the flat line
You gotta see me make it
You need to see me make it
Grateful for every new day
When I wake up and see you here
I will never fail you
We're heading for the crown
Track Name: One Foot In The Grave
A young man with nothing to lose
My feelings don't feel the same
And honestly
It scares me to death
I don't understand why I'm so ready to let go of everything
One foot in the grave
I cant wait to lay in my bed
These abnormal ideas
They my me cringe
How can I let go of everything?
How can I tell my friends that I love them but they don't need me?
You can find me above
I've given up on everything
Including me
Track Name: Dishonor
On the right path
But I'm moving backwards
What do you do when the world tries to destroy you?
Religion keep suicide at bay
For so long
A worthless being
I'll always be
Who the hell wants me?
A waste of space and a sack of meat filled with disappointments
Where do I rot?
Dishonor forever
Where do I rot?
I'm a disgrace
I bring only shame
I'm a disgrace
I only bring shame